DVD includes segments on...

Managing Stress
Yoga and Tai Chi
Massage Therapy

Breathing and Meditation Exercises
Nutrition and Cooking
And much more!

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Stress Relief with Dr. Russ Greenfield, M.D.


Dr. Russ Greenfield, a nationally recognized expert in integrative medicine, hosts a comprehensive guide to stress relief. Dr. Russ explains what generates stress, how stress affects our families, and how to take positive steps to prevent and deal with stress. Dr. Russ offers a variety of meditative, physical and nutritional therapies, including segments on breathing, relaxation, spirituality, yoga, tai chi, massage and cooking. Dr. Greenfield provides the foundation to develop each of these complementary paths to a more relaxed life for individuals and families. Stress Relief with Dr. Russ Greenfield includes segments with recognized experts: Yoga with Brooks Holland, Tai Chi with Wenhui Li, Meditation with Dr.Joe Parisi and Cooking For Better Living with Chef Phil Anderson. This DVD is designed as a set of answers to the top twenty questions on the subject, provided in a lively, visual manner. Dr. Greenfield's approach is highly personable and compatible with mainstream medicine - everything is presented from the point of view of an M.D.


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